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The Vis2007/InfoVis2007 Interactive Demonstrations Lab is designed to let conference attendees interact with presenters and each other on an individual basis. We strongly encourage the conference paper and poster presenters, as well as contributors of ongoing work which is not in the conference technical sessions, to participate in the Interactive Demonstrations Lab. To ensure high-quality demos, each demo presenter is responsible for bringing her or his own hardware (laptop, etc.), and a poster or banner. Ethernet access and a video projector will be provided.

Deadline: August 9, 2007 (extended)

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The Tuesday Symposium session consists of approximately 4 hours of high-traffic times with other times optional. The Wed/Thurs Main Conference session also consists of approximately 4 hours of high-traffic times with other times optional. If you cannot have someone present during all of the high-traffic times, then you should plan to post a schedule so attendees will know when they can see your interactive demo.

Please bring a banner (24"-48" wide, approx. 8" tall), to be mounted on top of a poster board (provided), with the following information: title, authors, and affiliation. Other printouts for the poster board are optional, but may consist of screenshots, photos, papers, or a poster. Additional handouts which may include contact information or demo times are optional.

Please keep in mind that no special hardware or software drivers can be installed on the demo machines. If you have a special request, please contact one of the Interactive Demonstrations Lab Co-Chairs (Lyn Bartram, or Joerg Meyer, We will try to accommodate your request, if possible.

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If you have problems submitting this form, you may also print it and fax it to Lyn Bartram at (778) 782 7488.

You will be notified before August 31, 2007, if your submission has been accepted for presentation at IEEE Visualization 2007.

For more information, please contact:

Lyn Bartram Joerg Meyer
Interactive Demonstrations Lab Co-Chair Interactive Demonstrations Lab Co-Chair
IEEE Visualization 2007 IEEE Visualization 2007
Simon Fraser University University of California, Irvine
(778) 782 7439 (949) 824 9321